Monday, July 19, 2010

you look so pretty....

This weeks sketch @ Wicked is one of those sketches you can do a little or alot :) I like sketches like that :) I scrapped these new piccies of my gorgeous Princess niece Morgan :) I did her hair and I told her " you look so pretty puddin!" she asked if she looked like a girl from toddlers and tiaras LOL (Morgan and Nan watch it on fox8 when she is over at mums lol) I told her she looked nicer :) Au natural is always better than all tha makeup those little girls wear!

fussy cutting of course :)

Are you having a go at the sketches? There are 4 each month so lots of choices and lots of chances to win :) CHeck it out at Wicked Princesses :)
Thanks for all your comments on my chillaxin LO :) Josh liked it too :)
Okies better go,Ive got a mountain (ok not really a mountain but alot lol) of flowers to make for kits :D
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx


Cherie said...

Morgan looks way prettier & much more natural than the kids from toddlers & tiara's. Not sure if the fake teeth or the caked on makeup complete with fake eyelashes shocked me more on that show.

The LO & your subject are beautiful!

jules said...

gorgeous layout honey...i love it!! Morgan is such a cutie pie..xx

Felicity said...

how gorgeous is Morgan.. you did her hair beautifully.
FANTASTIC LO, as usual.
Hope you get those flowers made.