Monday, November 10, 2008

Some funnies and some links :)


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Check out the above links to go in the draw for some yummy blog candy......woohoo!!Its all fandabbydosey!!

OK now for the funnies .......Mum and Dad had both the kids over for a sleepove at the weekend (Morgans first sleep over awwwwwww) anyway everyone thought Morgan would pike out and want to go home but she stayed and asked for just three things 1: A long swing LOL 2:Champagne which is actually lemonade in a fancy glass LOL 3: and make up time with nanny which she got no probs :)

Mum said while she was giving Morgan her "long swing" on the verandah Toby jumped on Mums lap and so Mum gave him a pat to which Morgan announced "Ewwwww yucky Nan dont pat him!" and when mum asked why Morgan said " He's got a poo coming out of his tummy" PMSL now how do you explain to a 3 year old how boy dogs operate LOL???I was wetting myself laughing when Mum told me .......its priceless!!Oh and apparently Morgan overheard my sister and one of her friends discussing someone having nits (ewwwww) and for some reason Morgan thought it was something good to have LOL she announced at Nan's that she has nits (she doesnt thank god LOL its all a jac-a-nory story) and mum asked her for some (as my crazy Mum does she always plays along LOL) and Morgan said "no they are all my nits" PMSL I am so putting this on a scrapbook LO hahahaha

Massive hugs to the gorgeous Jules who sent me a fandabbydosey parcel today too *mwah* it made my day :)

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Krissy xx


kate said...

wow xmas is coming around so quick! have to get through heidis birthday first!

thats so funny i laughed about the long swing, heidi likes that too hehe. and makeup.


jules said...

your very welcome honey...i am so glad you liked it...i have to keep my DT happy you know...mwah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!! :) I hope you participate in the challenge this week to win some of those yummy DRS Designs images!! You have some really cool scrapbooking creations here!!