Sunday, November 9, 2008

This weekends achievements :)

OK I was elslacko and didnt actually make a post in my last blog update so I'll do it now LOL.Ive been scrapping my tooshie off to create 2 calendars........ 4 done....heaps to go LOL but its for a good reason so I'll do it :)
The bathroom reno's are coming along nicely......Al fitted up the shower tray last night so today he's tiling the shower cubicle bit so he can do the shower walls and we can at least use the shower while he finishes off the rest of the bathroom :)
It has been hot,hot,hot here the alst couple of days.....OMG I was sweating my tooshie off the last couple of days....lots of late night scrapping thanks to the fact we havent replaced our air con (YET) the dogs where suffering big time the other day so Al gave them a bath to cool them down......they raced around the yard like mad chooks afterwards LOL
Im tryin to think what else is new.........but I think thats about it...........
Oh Jules is having a very cool cybercrop coming up so keep an eye out for that :)
TFL and take care
Krissy xx
Oh and I forgot to mention.......2 of my LO's "summer rain" and "peek a boo" where accepted for the basic grey gallery!!!!yay!!!


jules said...

wow you have been scrapping your little toshie off!!! LOL......gorgeous layouts honey!!!

thanks for the plug for the is VERY special this month!!!hehehehehehe

kate said...

hey krissy gorgeous layouts you have completed. i want to do a calendar too! should get on to that i think. will wait for my maya road door hanger hehe.

hehe i could imagine the dogs running around feral after their baths!

Liz Weber said...

LOL yay about the bathroom finally being done - good one Al. Oh your poor dogs - it was stinking hot last week for sure.

Loving your gorgeous layouts Krissy - thanks for the inspiration.

Shelly said...

Hi lovey-your layouts are mind-blowing at the mo-you are on fire!!!Very pretty!I did the Cis one- loved it! Thanks for always inspiring me:)xo

p.s- don't scrap too much- you will have no tooshie left,lol!