Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday photos :)

Ive had a weekend of birthday celebrations :) Yesterday was with my family here theres lots of piccies,these are just a few :)

Me with omg this mega yummo cake my mum was so chocolately it was yummo!

Morgan asked me "how many are you Aunt?" I said "29" she said "whoa thats alot of candles" LOL
This little man made me the most gorgeous card :) I love it and am going to put it in my scrapbook album :D Thanks Josh I love you bub xx

This little princess made me a beautiful card and even wrote her name on it :O You are so clever Morgan!I love it and its going in the album too :DShe also smothered me in smooches and "I love yous" all day so gorgeous :) Love you puddin xx

My peeps :) I missed them so much after not seeing them for 6 weeks they where both attacked with auntie huggles and smooches :)
Today my gorgeous husband asked me to be dressed and ready by 11 and off we went in the car to an unkown destination he had organised earlier......he gave me some hints in the car but I had no idea lol We got to the carpark in the city and parked the car then Al said "alright now we walk to where we are going for lunch" we walked around the corner and I said "Far out those big paddle boats are gorgeous hey!" then Al said " We will get a better look from the inside because thats where we are having lunch :D" Such a gorgeous surprise!!We had a river cruise seafood buffet lunch on one of these beauties........

Us attempting to get a shot with the ferris wheel lol this was photo attempt number 8 or 9 I think lol We got a couple of nice professional ones too but I havent scanned them yet :)

The views of the city from the boat where beautiful! I sometimes forget what a gorgeous city Brisbane is :)

So many nice piccies to scrap now woohoo!!
Thankyou to my family for making yesterday a fabbo family birthday and massive thanks to my gorgeous husband for making today a day I will never forget :) I love you all xxx
Thanks heaps to everyone for your birthday wishes through emails,at Wicked princesses,blog posts ,via texts and on facebook *mwah* I was totally over whelmed and really appreciate all those gorgeous messages :)

Flowery Valentines hugs everyone!
Krissy xx


Tanya Tahir said...

Happy birthday Krissy!!! You look beautiful! What a gorgeous day you have had xxx

Scoobie said...

Great photos, Krissy.

And your hubby is too sweet. I'm happy your day was so good!

Kate said...

Glad you had such a great day, your family sure know how to celebrate!! the piccies are beautiful and you look so gorgeous :)

Kate said...

omg that cake!! please ask your mummy to make one for the retreat!!! LOL looks like you had a lovely weekend krissy, im glad you enjoyed yourself xox

Kerryn said...

Looks like a fabulous day.

Happy birthday chickie!!

Felicity said...

happy birthday. looks like you had the BEST time :) x

Ali said...

Fabulous - just the way a Birthday should be :)Love those pics of you!

Stacey Young said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Krissy, looks like your day was just perfect not to mention your Valentine's sweet:)

Barb said...

Looks like u got spoilt rotten:) Glad u had such a wonderful day!!!

Lyndal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day Krissy :) :) :)