Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to panic central......

OMG I went to feed Cory's turtles today and Mr.Longneck was sitting in an odd position in the tank with his head out which is wierd because he always tucks it in when I go to feed I'm standing there putting in the food......the fish are in an eating frenzy and I'm in lala land.....and he is STILL not moving.......:O.....the panic is'm having thoughts of having to call Tracy to tell her I have bad news for Cory (its his 17th birthday today too) Mr.Longneck has kicked the turtle bucket ,when I thought maybe if I tap the side of the tank that'll work.....nope still no this stage I am calling "wake up mr.longneck!!!" (stupid but I was prepared to try anything!!LOL) heart rate is rising super fast and I thought OK last resort I will put my hand in and give him a little nudge when the cheeky little so and so starts moving around flapping his little flippers and tucked his head in!!!PHEW what a relief!!I don't like my chances of trying to replace a tame 7 year old long neck turtle in the next 2 days if he had've gone to turtle heaven!!I then realised that the silly thing was stuck at an angle on the rocks and probably couldn't have moved if he wanted to!!!LOL!!So I moved the rocks and he's a happy turtle now....well as happy as a turtle can be I suppose!!!LMAO!!!I had words with him before I left and told him if he is thinking of checking out anytime soon that he should wait until Cory comes home then I don't have to give anyone any bad news!!!!LOL!!I'm mad I know......I don't know do turtles even have ears???LMAO!!!I'm going to have a cup of tea to settle my frazzled nerves LOL!! Krissy xx

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Terri B said...

LMAO Krissy! Your a riot chicky!! I am sitting here laughing at the images in my head of you talking to this turtle...too bloody funny.

Glad he isnt in turtle heaven though :D