Thursday, September 11, 2008

A couple of LO's and a drawing :)

Sorry had to remove the photo for publishing!!! :) "Luv u" is inspired by another of the lovely Liz's sketches!This one brought back my mojo when it went walkies for a week :O!!The journalling is something that I say to both Morgan and reads "Hey Morgan guess what?Yes DD.....I love you! I know" Only difference between the kids and my little "I love you game" is that Josh is too quick and answers "I love you too"before I can finish it LOL but I also say to the moon and back which is a line from a book I have bought for each of the kids for their first birthdays called "Guess how much I love you?" its is a gorgeous story about a mummy hare and a baby hare :)
This is my LO for Recipe 2 using the fabulous Manons recipe :) Had lots of fun with it!

This is a drawing that I was telling the lovely Jules about on msn last night :) Its a dodgy photo....I was trying to balance myself on the edge of the couch to take it LOL!!!
Whats been happening since the last update......let me think.......OH!I went from little miss cranky pants yesterday (dont ask) to happy little bunny!!It was my lucky day people!!I got an email from the lovely E at ALLCRAFTZ saying that they had a big sale 30% off Kaiser......I was jumping for joy my fave scrap brand on sale wooohoooo!!Then while I was filling my cart LOL I had another email saying that the sale had been changed to storewide :O all I needed to do was buy some Kaiser stuff (not hard for me at all!) so off I went happily doing some retail therapy....bought HEAPS of Kaiser and some more carolees (love them too LOL) and I spoiled myself with a Tim Holtz stamp excited about that!!Then I hit the forum to see whats new and I notice posts saying order numbers.....I was thinking "what the?" so I went and had another look at the shop and E was offering a special bonus to particular order I excitedly race to my email inbox to find my order number and guess what?????.........I was a lucky winner!!!!!Woohooo!!!So very excited!!Big smile on my dial!!I have scrapped another LO today using some of Sandies funky daisies....I scrapped my elephant encounter LOL I left out the bit about the elephant snot though LOL!!!
Well its 11:30 and just about time for me to hit the hay.......I'll update again tomorrow....because I have TMST and because I have another couple of LO's to share :)
Take care and thanks for visiting!
Krissy xx


goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

kate said...

yay for the shopping krissy!! you deserve to shop my dear after the rough time you had without a washing machine :D

i love the little hare book, we used to read it at preschool all the time and on tv playschool reads it every so often. very cute book and i think you can get the little hare stuffed toy too ???

gorgeous layouts! xo

jules said...

the drawing is AWESOME honey!! i love it!!!! thanks heaps for sharing it with are very talented and as you said you should keep it up!!!!

luvs ya jules xxxx