Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our weekend away :)

Al and I had a fandabbydosey weekend up the sunshine coast for our anniversary!The weather was glorious (as you can see in the piccies :D) we chilled out on the beach and had a lovely time just doing nothing lol The unit we stayed in was great the pool and spa where right outside our room so we had a late night spa last night under the stars very noice indeedy :) The room had a spa too and oopsies I added too many bubbles LOL they where starting to overflow by the time I was finished LOL We had a gorgeous brekkie of croissants on saturday and went to 2 different yummy restraunts for dinner.Friday night we has a seafood platter (hot and cold) from a place called M @ Mooloolaba and it was delish!Two of the waiters/waitresses where from Belfast :D Gotta love that!Then last night we attempted to find a teppenyaki restraunt but alas there wasnt one on the sunshine coast :( but we still had japanese from a place called still waters -Al loved the sushi and I wished I hadnt watched a show about yo yo dieting the night before.....apparently eating raw fish can give you hepatitis :O (OMG talk about putting me off eating it!Then again Al ate it so that kinda defeats the purpose of me not eating it LOL) I ordered a dish called ├┐agatzumi"(sp?) shouldve written it down was grilled yellow fin tuna with terriyaki sauce and OMG talk about yummy it was sooooo tasty!And,and,and I managed to eat the fish,rice and salad with chopsticks!!I know I was shocked too LOL Normally I get a fork or they do that thing with a rubber band like they do for kids PMSL

Anyway it was just fab to have some time away with Al and relax a wasnt long enough but then again are holidays ever long enough? Cant wait for our next get away.....might start planning for that now lol it'll give me something to look forward to :D
The fabulous Tiff gave me this super cute award on her blog *mwah* thanks Tiff!

I could list blogs I find inspiring from here til next week but instead Im going to pass it on to the following inspiring chickies :D


My entire bloglines is full of inspiring chickies so be sure to have a peek at those too!

Thanks for stopping by!Im off to do some washing and unpack......back to normality LOL



Anonymous said...

Oooh sounds like a great weekend Krissy!

Kerryn said...

Sounds like you have had a fabulous weekend away. Look forward to seeing some of those photos on layouts :).

Stacey Young said...

Your collages are awesome Krissy! Glad you had a beautiful weekend and it's been such great weather too! Love your scrappy bits in your last post too, you are so fast at posting, mine take me forever!! LOL!!

Felicity said...

great to see you a fantastic time!! yum at your food/resturants you went too!!
cant wait to see the piccies scrapped!!

Tanya said...

aww is that Tanya me?? Glad to hear you had a wonderful time away, sounds fab and I am so jealous of the warm weather you guys are getting and it's still winter!! I loooove your canvas with the texture paste - so beautiful!

KarenB said...

Thank you... mwah!!!

Looks like you had a fabbo weekend :)

kate said...

al looks like he had a ball in those photos krissy! glad you had a nice weekend away and happy anniversary too :) xox