Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paper flower tutorials :)

Hi everyone :D As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I was working on a couple of tutorials to share with you all :)

I hope you like them!

Layered flower tutorial =)

These are some others I did using the same method :D I mix and matched colours and the orange one is prima mixed with kaiser flowers :)


Miniature paper roses tutorial =)

I used one of those cheapy $2 mini flower punches from a jumk shop for these :)

You will need 3 pink and one green for each rose :)
Cut one petal from flower #1,2 petals from flower #2 and leave #3 whole
Ink the edges and press the centres using a rub on roller (or the bottom of a biro as long as it is rounded it will work :) ) set the flower on a soft surface (I use my thigh LOL) and gently press to make your flowers pop and have some dimension.
Layer flower #1 and flower#2 dont be afraid to squish them together a bit.Add some dimensional magic or a glue dot to the centre of flower #3 and layer them together.
Your flower will now look like this :)
Repeat the inking and balling for the green flower which will become your rose base :)
Finished rose :) I sometimes add a small pearl or glitter to make them even prettier :)
This is a LO I did for a challenge over at Enchanted Scrapbooking and I used both my flower tutorial techniques as embellishments :)
Check out the gorgeous doiley flower made by my fandabbydosey Mum!!
The paper roses where inspired by a tutorial by Teina here I love this technique Ive been using it heaps :)

Stay tuned for my version of the vines tutorial coming up next week :D

I hope you like the flowers and enjoyed the tutorial!Id love to hear from you if you use them :)

Have a fandabbydosey day everyone!Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post *mwah*

Krissy xx



Kat said...

Krissy! They are fantastic, I can't wait to give them a try =)

Joanne Caird said...

These are great Krissy, will give them a try for sure!

Kerryn said...

Yummy flowers! Love how you've used them on the layout too. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That tutorial of flowers is excellent! I look forward to putting it into practise on the weekend. Got some work and a cat costume to make first.

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous flowers! Might have to give these a go:)

Anonymous said...


Cherie said...

You are such a crafty girl Krissy!

The flowers are fantastic - I'm going to try & make one now.



WOW Krissy! These are awesome! You are one very very talented Lassy!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Cute flowers!! Thanks for sharing how you made them.