Monday, August 3, 2009

a weekend worth of photos :)

Hiya everyone :) I m back from my weekend with the "peeps"aka my gorgeous niece and nephew Morgan and Josh :D I took heaps of piccies and these are just a few of my faves :)

The below piccies are the view from Lyns and Matts driveway of their new house......stunning view isnt it!They have views of Mt.Tamborine glorious hey!
I love this sunrise one.....yep Morgan had me up that early LOL
Josh had his sports carnival on Thursday and he did really well :D 100m sprint 1st place,High jump 3rd place, 200m sprint 2nd place.....I took lots of action shots.I used Lyns digi SLR for these piccies because Im having battery ïssues "with mine argh its driving me off on search of some rechargeable CRV3 batteries to make my life easier LOL

Miss Morgan doing the "cheese"pose LOL
High these action shots :DCheck out the mini highjumper LOL
Josh rocked at the long jump too but they had already done the comp at school so the jump on the day was for points for their team :) Lyns snapped this fab action shot.
Me and my snugglebug :)

Okies that about it for me photo wise....I'll do another update with some scrappy pic's now :D

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Kat said...

Welcome back Krissy! Sounds like you had a fab time, and took some great photos! Can't wait t see what you do with them :) Kat

Tanya said...

can see lots of scrappy goodness with those photos Krissy! Glad to hear you had an awesome time :D