Monday, August 17, 2009

you might need your sunnies.......

because its bright here today!!LOL I love brights but havent used them in aaaaages so when I saw that enchanted scrapbooking where having a colourful cybercrop I jumped straight in!These are what I came up with :)

This is me at 19 with the gorgeous Joshy as a little bubba only about 2 months old I think (hadnt even met Allan yet!) Awwww wasnt he a cute baby!!I was working on this LO last night when Josh rang to tell me he won his kart races woohoo!!Seems like yesterday I was holding him like this and now he is calling me to tell me about how fast he drives his kart (over 80kms an hour lalalalala im not listening too scary for this Auntie!!) I'll quote him "I won this mega heavy trophy its soooo cool,and a $100 voucher and a shirt.Oh I got my first pink slip too bye Aunt"lol typical boy hates talking on the phone lol
"like the sky loves rainbows"I love my title!!and it fitted perfectly with Tiff's challenge to use rainbows on the LO :) Love this piccie of Josh and Morgan I took the other cutie pie peeps :)
This is another old piccie (can you tell I ran out of ink in the printer LOL) this is Josh's 4th birthday.....pretty sure it was could be his 5th though will have to check lol Love this piccie of Josh proudly posing on his new toy a slider with his Nanny and Grandad :D My fandabbydosey mum and need to ask yes mum and I both had a go on it LOL
Oh and yay yay yay I won a $20 scrapboutique voucher for being one of the winners of the 1,2,3 challenge last month!!yippee!!Thanks!!

Im off to try and book a haircut.....long overdue and I want it nice for wednesday :D

Have a fandabby dosey day everyone!Thanks for all you comments on my collage yesterday :D

{{hugs}} to the gorgeous miss Kate who is not far off having her bubba!!Woohoo Im so excited :D



Ali said...

Ok I popped my sunnies on and basked in the brightness of your fab creations!! Lovely work as usual Krissy :)

Kate said...

Wow wow wow you are blowing me away with your awesome scrapping miss krissy, love them all :)

Cherie said...

I Love Those Bright LO's Krissy!

Fantastic As Always.

Stacey Young said...

LOL!!! about the sunnies, I get that alot too!! Love them all, love everything bright and happY!!! Hugs to Kate too, can't wait to hear! My little niece is due very soon too!! YAY!!

KarenB said...

Hey gorgeous, loving all of these, especially RAINBOWS. You rock :)

Liz Weber said...

Hiya Krissy, lol about the sunnies. Loving your use of the brights again - just adore that layout of Josh and Morgan - love the colourful layout! Congrats on the voucher win!